What is Moodle Workplace?

Introducing Moodle Workplace

  • Multi-tenancy
  • Organization Structure
  • Report Builder
  • Dynamic Rules
  • Programs
  • Certifications
  • Certificates
  • Appointment Bookings
  • Mobile App

Comparing Moodle Workplace and standard Moodle

Figure 1 - Moodle Core versus Moodle Workplace

Moodle Core or standard Moodle

Moodle plugins and Moodle LMS

  • Office systems: Microsoft has developed a suite of plugins to allow Microsoft Office 365 usage within Moodle. This includes logging in via OpenID, access to OneDrive, integration with Office resources, and Outlook calendar synchronization.
  • Web conferencing: Various commercial web conferencing suppliers provide plugins for their system to be used from within a Moodle course. Examples are WebEx, Zoom, and BigBlueButton.
  • Video platforms: Streaming is a highly effective way to transport video content, which is already supported via basic integrations with YouTube and Vimeo. The Moodle functionality for the latter can be nicely enhanced using the popular Video Time plugin. Additionally, dedicated video platforms such as Kaltura also provide suites of plugins for smooth integration with Moodle.

Workplace plugins

Comparing Moodle Workplace and Totara Learn

  • Totara Learn: An LMS for training and development
  • Totara Engage: A Learning Experience System (LXP) focused on social learning
  • Totara Perform: A performance management tool supporting various HR activities
  • Features unique to Moodle Workplace
  • Features unique to Totara Learn
  • Features that exist in both products but are implemented differently

Features unique to Moodle Workplace

Features unique to Totara Learn

Features that exist differently in both products

So, which is the better product?

The Moodle Workplace business model

Figure 2 - Moodle business model
  • Moodle LMS: Standard Moodle plus Moodle plugins (as covered previously).
  • Moodle App: This includes the Moodle app, the Moodle Workplace app, and related chargeable branding services.
  • MoodleCloud: A Moodle Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering of Moodle LMS and Moodle Workplace. There is a free basic plan for small Moodle LMS projects; all other packages are paid-for offerings.
  • Moodle Workplace: Well, you know what this is…
  • MoodleNet: An open-source social media platform for educators, integrated with Moodle and focused on collaboratively curating collections of open content.
  • Moodle Education: The Moodle Educator Certification (MEC) program is a comprehensive teaching and learning curriculum designed to help you develop transferable knowledge and skills to be effective educators in today’s growing digital workplace.

Understanding Moodle Workplace versions

Figure 3 - Release timeline for standard Moodle versus Moodle Workplace




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