The Linux kernel sits between the hardware and user processes. The kernel core implements a set of functions that helps you avoid having to reinvent the wheel and makes it easier to develop device drivers.

In this guide for Linux system engineers and system programmers and Linux embedded development enthusiasts, we look in detail at a key aspect of accessing shared hardware resources safely: locking. Using the kernel locking API, you can protect shared objects and avoid race conditions.


A resource is said to be shared when it can be accessed by several contenders. When they are exclusive, access must…

While data engineering is not a new field, it seems to have stepped out from the background recently and started to take center stage. In this overview, you’ll learn what data engineers do, what the difference is between data engineering and data science, and also find out about some of the tools used in data engineering.

What data engineers do

Data engineering is part of the big data ecosystem and is closely linked to data science. Data engineers work in the background, and while they do not get the same level of attention as data scientists, they are critical to the process of data…

David Pereira is the co-author of Game Development Projects with Unreal Engine. In our recent interview, we got a chance to learn more about him, his thoughts on Unreal Engine, and his recent book with Packt.

David Pereira

Q1: Can you tell us more about yourself?

I was born in Lisbon, Portugal and from a very early age, I knew I wanted to be a programmer. Growing up, I was influenced by games like Golden Axe, Street Fighter 2, Samurai Shodown 1 and always wondered how they were made. I took my first steps into game development by learning how to program…

Artificial Intelligence with Python Cookbook available on

Benjamin recalls the day when he received a package with five copies of his book Artificial Intelligence with Python Cookbook. The book was published the week before, and it was a proud moment for him, similar to nailing his Ph.D. thesis to a wall (nailing your thesis is a tradition in Sweden, where he graduated).

It was a Monday, his first day on a new job, but Ben and his partner had just returned from their holiday in Germany, and were self-isolating without childcare options, looking after their son, Nicholas. …

Totara LMS is a subscription-based Moodle distribution that was launched in 2010 by Totara Learning ( Initially, it was an extension to Standard Moodle plus some plugins that was kept in lockstep with Moodle’s releases until version 2.9. Moodle introduced competencies and learning plans in version 3.0, which conflicted with their counterparts in Totara. Totara LMS was renamed to Totara Learn, and new versioning was introduced that is currently at release 12 (see for details).

Totara Learn is now part of a product family that comprises of the following three products:

·Totara Learn: Learning Management System for training and…

With the evolution of the cloud and the total revamp of the Dynamics platform, we now have what’s called the Power Platform. This is a combination of the following solutions:

Power BI
Power Apps
Power Automate
Power Virtual Agents

When it comes to Power BI, this is a topic better handled on its own, and there are many books out there covering this topic in detail. Suffice to say, it is a powerful Business Intelligence (BI) tool that allows you to create data-driven visualizations for better analysis and decision making.

This article is extracted from our book Fundamentals of CRM…

The world of Project Management has been transformed over recent years by the rise of Agile methodologies. Offering a nimble and adaptable alternative to the more rigid Waterfall methodologies that were popular in the 1990s and earlier, Agile approaches have proved to be highly effective for the development and delivery of software in fast-paced environments where requirements are liable to change. Indeed, so successful have they been that Agile approaches are now increasingly being taken up and applied in contexts quite distinct from software development.

Two popular Agile frameworks are Scrum and Kanban, and both are supported at least to…

Industrial digital transformation is the term applied to the demanding journey that an organization undertakes when it integrates business model change, process improvement and cultural shift, often leveraging digital and emerging technologies to create and exploit new opportunities in the marketplace.

In this overview, we identify and discuss the main drivers of transformation, and consider what transformation means for organizations in terms of its value and benefits.

We will refer to industrial digital transformation in the context of companies from commercial or public sectors which deal with physical assets, factories and field operations, in relation to business-to-business scenarios and the…

VBA is common to all the applications within the Office Suite. This means that data in an Excel spreadsheet can be automatically exported to PowerPoint as well.

The advantage of knowing how to use VBA to automate these tasks saves a lot of time. Instead of manually copying from Excel and pasting into PowerPoint, everything can be automated, using the appropriate procedures in VBA. Our book VBA Automation for Excel 2019 Cookbook addresses these topics.

We will cover the following recipes in this article:

• Creating a new instance of PowerPoint • Creating presentations and slides • Adding text to…

While Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a fantastic multi-language editing platform, we often find ourselves wishing that it could do additional tasks. Wouldn’t it be great if we could view and edit GitHub tickets directly in VS Code? I would love to be able to edit MarkDown and create blog articles. If only I could connect to GitLab and see the latest status of my CI/CD pipeline. Wish no more! All these things and more are available as extensions to VS Code, and if there isn’t an extension already, you can write your own to fill that void.



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